Jeep’s highly successful ‘I Bought a Jeep’ marketing campaign is being rolled back by the new managing director of Fiat Chrysler Australia, Steve Zanlungh.

Following the growing number of Jeep owners voicing their discontent with vehicle faults and delays in parts provision on social media platforms, the brand is looking to refocus their image on their strong 75 year heritage in the lifestyle space.

Mr Zanlunghi said that while the ‘I bought a Jeep’ campaign did its job, the brand actually stands for something else.

“I think it was good looking back on it, but I think it did its time, did its job, and now it’s time to get back to the roots of what Jeep is… It’s not a cute brand. It’s not a funny brand. It’s not luxury. It’s not pretentious.”

Jeep and Chrysler have had a tough year thus far, issuing nine recall notices in Australia in the first six months of 2016, compared to 12 for the 2015 calendar year and a record 16 the year before. Most notably, a recall was issued in June this year for almost 50,000 vehicles in Australia because they may roll away when the automatic transmission is left in the “park” position.

A quick trawl of the comments sections on Jeep’s Facebook page  reveal mixed feelings from current and potential Jeep owners, replacing the flurry of ‘I bought a Jeep!!!’ comments seen not so long ago. With new models promising improvements in reliability, it will be interesting to watch where sales go for this brand.

One thing is for sure, the catchphrase ‘I bought a Jeep’ will live on long after the campaign is gone.